Distilling at Home

The immediate advantage of distilling your own hard spirits at home is the costs saved. But it would not be worth your while if you were not to do it well, with proper precautions. Understanding a little about the process of distillation will also help. Distillation is not exaction “making” alcohol, in that it is the process of collecting the alcohol already present in fermented mashes of fruits, grains or other ingredients.

When fermented mashes or liquid is heated up, because of the difference in the physical properties of water and ethanol, the water will be boiled off. Through a packed column designed for the specific process, the vapor loses its water content and collects the alcohol, because it will be passed through the column which allows condensed vapor to run back down through it, and making the water content pass out of the column. When the liquid is heated up, the vapor that arises from it and condenses will be made to meet a cold surface, in order to collect the ethanol; when vapor, going up, encounters the liquid, passing down, it will collect the alcohol and in turn be stripped of its water. Simply put, it is just the collection of alcohol in the fermented mash being boiled.

For home distillation you can first try one of the two things. One is to make a neutral spirit like vodka, lacking particular taste or odor. You can give it any flavor of your choice later, using fruits or essences to produce liqueurs. To distill you would need a wash of sugar and nutrients, yeast, and some water, and boil the mash. Using a reflux still will be easier, which means a higher purity level could be reached in order to make your vodka very much like the commercial vodka, free of flavor and aroma; the excellent option for your cocktails. If you are using a pot still, you might want to redistill the distilled product, to achieve higher purity and less flavoring. With a reflux still you could do this at one go.

The other method is to try and produce whiskey, brandy or rum by using grains like wheat, corn, barley or rye. If you have any experience of home brewing, making your own beer or wine, then this should be easy. Ferment the ingredients just as you would to make beer or wine, and distill it using your still. This may be the more interesting process, because you can use dried fruits, cereals, any grains of your choice together with flowers and other essences.

The single most important tool for distillation at home is the still; with it you can make all the distilled alcoholic beverages you can think of, provided you can procure the necessary grains and/or fruits. Without a still you will only have fermented ingredients that have been a little heated up. Purchase a trustworthy still, preferably made of copper, and one that guarantees its being lead-free; look also for repair warranties, and promises to do refunds if anything is wrong with your product, either with its production or shipping. Take time in selecting your still, by carefully reading some moonshine still details available.

Brighten up the Backyard

Everyone wants to have an attractive and well-kept backyard. You keep your grass neatly mowed. You pull weeds from the garden. You go to great lengths to grow beautiful flowers that the whole neighborhood can enjoy. People who are really industrious might even build their own backyard furniture.

It can be a challenge to come up with new ideas to make your backyard special and unique. After all, you want to make the most of the space you have! Parents may want to set up an area for adults. This can include patio tables and grills. It could be luxurious deck chairs where you can lounge in the shade and read a book or have a drink. There are plenty of ideas when it comes to making the backyard a fun place for the grown-ups of the house.

But what about making the backyard a fun place for kids? There are plenty of options of course. When it comes to backyards, kids can usually find no shortage of things to do. The backyard is a sacred part of childhood. Kids can run, and play with complete freedom while their parents supervise from home.

A great way to makeover your backyard is by providing your kids with some outdoor furniture just for them. Outdoor furniture can provide the best of both worlds. Kids can play the same games they do indoors, but be outside enjoying the fresh air. Outdoor furniture provides a great location for reading books or doing homework as well.

For example, you can set up a park bench or swing to give your kids a fun outdoor activity. If you want to brighten up the backyard, colorful versions can be found here at http://www.kedeleducation.co.uk/rainbow-furniture.html – rainbow furniture gives you plenty to choose from.

If you want to give your kids an extra special area to play, deck it out with brightly colored furniture. Set up a striped park bench where they can sit and enjoy the outdoors. Set up a picket fence to give them a boundary for their own little area. The picket fences can look just like the grown-up version except in brightly painted colors.

These additions will provide your kids with an environment that will stimulate their imaginations and allow them to play like never before. Bright colors will create an atmosphere of cheeriness and fun. This will have a positive impact on your child’s mental state! Everyone loves bright colors to liven up their mood. This is especially true for kids.

You can also add miniature versions of indoor furniture. And indoor playhouse may not be durable enough to withhold outdoor conditions. But with a sturdy version made of wood, you can give your child a fantastic outdoor version of the real thing. Set up a washer or kitchen sink for you kids to play with outdoors. They will have a blast playing with these miniature versions of the real thing! Items like these can provide kids the fun of pretending to be a grown-up, but without any of the responsibility!